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Kolumpeh is a traditional pastry of Kerman province and resembles a pancake with its main ingredients being flour, dates, walnuts and oil. This kind of pastry in Kerman was first mixed by Kerman women with animal oil, the best export dates of Bam city, fresh wheat flour from walnut farms and kernels

ادامه مطلب

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Preparing the most delicious and most memorable local foods,drinks And sweets Kerman province Dear travelers and tourists



The first need of every tourist and traveler after a distance is to rest in a quiet and safe place. The golden eagle This has made it possible for you tourist loved ones in the best way and most varied prices.



Have the best and most varied list of traditional and local cuisine and customize for the best team traveler Golden Eagle That he could do for the passengers. Enjoy a culture of local cuisine by traveling to Kerman and visiting the monuments.



Due to the scattered tourist attractions Kerman province and different urban and suburban tourist routes need to use different vehicles Golden Eagle To make light and heavy vehicles for tourists to transport you.

شیرینی های کرمان

کرمان استان پهناور ایران دارای سوغات و کادوهای زیادی است که باعث می شود کام دوستان خود را نیز شیرین کنید. این صفحه مربوط به شیرینی ها است و ما شما را از سوغات ها و شیرنی های کرمان آگاه می کنیم تا دست خالی به وطن خود نروید. لطفا با ما همراه باشید

The elders' talk about travel
Travel may be the same word that is good for us to hear, but where to hear it again and where to experience it?

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