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Kolumpeh is a traditional pastry of Kerman province and resembles a pancake with its main ingredients being flour, dates, walnuts and oil. This kind of pastry in Kerman was first mixed by Kerman women with animal oil, the best export dates of Bam city, fresh wheat flour from walnut farms and kernels

ادامه مطلب

سیری در تاریخ استان کرمان

Old Kerman

The history and history of Kerman province are distinguished from its historical monuments.Arg e BamArg-e RayenGhale Dokhtar Ghale ArdeshirAlso mention Kerman in other books and monuments likeOld Testament BooksThe monumental city of PersepolisFerdowsi's Shahnameh BookThe scrolls of Naghsh Rostam, related to the Sasanian periodThe monuments of Kerman province show the existence solid and highly advanced buildings The castle dates from 1700 BC to Kerman, the Ghale Dokhtar, dating back to Kerman. It dates back to Dariush the Great of Kerman and was one of the Achaemenid states and was one of the most important books of historian and temple priest. Marduk or Mardukh, belonging to Hammurabi period in Babel, is known to have been a safe place for Kurosh and was considered a Satrapi or the 14th Achaemenid state. It was a locality that had trees to build buildings. Persepolis has been used. For this reason, Kerman has been called Kajaran. Old Bam or Kajaran Yak wood has been harvested and transported, which we will deal with most.In the Shahnameh and the mythological stories and collections of Iranian stories, Aryan and Avesta Kerman was a vast, blessed, independent and free land ruled by a man named Haftvad.Greek writings and works say that Alexander the Great, who arrived in Kerman in 326 to 327 BC with his troops on their return from the conquest of India, had about 150,000 infantry and fifteen thousand cavalry. Alexander's command in Kerman has been resting and celebrating the victory of Indian conquest for a week. This shows the extent and fortitude of the land of Kerman that has accommodated so many people and has prepared many blessings for them. - From the Book of Ghale Dokhtar to the Dactanos by Mohammad Daneshvar Publications Center of Kerman.

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