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Kolumpeh is a traditional pastry of Kerman province and resembles a pancake with its main ingredients being flour, dates, walnuts and oil. This kind of pastry in Kerman was first mixed by Kerman women with animal oil, the best export dates of Bam city, fresh wheat flour from walnut farms and kernels

ادامه مطلب

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Gift or Souvenirs

Introduce the souvenirs to you as follows: souvenirs or gifts  Commodity or food  Or  beverages  , Which provides travelers or tourists with destinations for their friends or family. Kerman province has a large variety of souvenirs due to the variety of agricultural and livestock products as well as its handicrafts and crafts, making tourists spend a lot of time choosing and buying this product for their friends and family.


Food is an integral part of life that we all need to survive. To produce the ingredients we combine to make our food taste and taste delicious. That Golden Eagle Company Website  Introduces them to you ...

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Cookies come from a combination of water, flour, oil and sugar. Or with other ingredients such as cakes, Candy And ... they prepare. Kerman province with its own sweets like  Columpe , Comache sen , Gotab  And ... a varied list of travelers and tourists directions  Souvenirs and Gifts  Has created. Stay with us.

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Water is an integral part of life that forms an important part of the body Cumin  , Date Chicory  And ... from that  Vegetable demon or cool syrup  They are very useful for health. Below is a list of Kerman's famous drinks for you to read together.

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The elders' talk about travel
"I have learned from experience: The best way to find out if you love or hate someone is to travel with them."  From Mark Twain

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