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Num. 1
Name mehdi
Comment Kerman is a desert city with many ancient monuments and beautiful desert, a historical city, with hospitable and wonderful people, a provincial four seasons, a day of thanksgiving in the parks of this land and ... Other and different moods give a lot of peace.

Num. 2
Name Fatemeh
Comment Kerman with kind people, Bam with high civilization and date exporter, Kohnujah with simple, talkative people, Baft with people far from lying and hypocritical, Jiroft with lovely people  And .... . Everywhere in Kerman province is beautiful and it becomes more beautiful talking to lovely people. Peace be upon you dear people of Kerman

Num. 3
Name taheri
Comment Kerman is a city with abundant and beautiful natural tourism, with an excellent desert, with lovely people who enjoy life.

Num. 4
Name Miss Dana
Comment Given that I have been with the Golden Eagle Travel Company for many years, I approve of this company.

Num. 5
Name Tourism Company
Comment Hello Thanks to the Golden Eagle Company for their loving and compassionate cooperation.

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