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On our travels, our first and foremost choice is to choose the destination of the tourist area . And the best choice for the tourist area is to have a leisure, inner city or new nature . Kerman province has beautiful and pristine natural areas in Iran. The Golden Eagle invites you to visit this treasured monument and this southeastern tourist area.


Arg-e Bam

The Arg-e Bam is the largest and best clay monument in the world, one of the most important monuments of Iranian and world history, a modern building of history and the world, built in Kerman province in the second to fourth millenniums BC. Arg-e Bam has been an advanced and appropriate collection of the lives of the different classes. The ordinary people, the military, the command and the political. The Arg-e Bam Complex dates from the second to the fourth millennium BC and covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with an area of nearly six thousand square meters. The complex has been dug around for greater security, as well as high walls six or seven meters high, along with a large number of watch towers around it. The channels for air conditioning and cooling of the Arg-e Bam complex were made to flow through these channels, absorbing all particles and dust of the air like a filter and sucking it into the complex after the air was cooled.

Arg-e Bam Structure

The Arg-e Bam is at the bottom of the ordinary people's living quarters. Public houses and buildings such as schools, sports venues, markets. There are houses with two to three rooms for the poor to live in, and many more. There is a courtyard and a space for tree planting and greenery. But the more beautiful buildings with better rooms in different parts for different seasons of the year and large courtyards with spaces for storing horses and other animals are another example of ordinary people's living. Upstairs there are houses for the military, wealthy families and office workers. And at the head of the Command and Military Center complex is a place where the horses, armored troops and soldiers are kept, as well as the luxurious four-season mansions.

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