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About the Golden Eagle

The golden eagle is a hunter with a large body, fork and beak, and sharp eyes at the top of the food pyramid as a symbol of monarchical culture and civilization in Asia and elsewhere with coins and monuments. . Sightseeing in cultures and civilizations and history of the past, for enthusiasts and curious people can motivate and desire to travel and experience. The best people and guides in a tourist area are the locals and the locals. And a memorable journey is about finding the right path, including historic sites, accommodation, traditional foods and traditions left over, markets and crafts. Golden Eagle Tourist Taxi Company With more than two decades of experience in passenger transportation and transportation services in the east and center of the Iranian Plateau, he has been working to provide an enduring experience as a final goal with proper planning and the use of trained and trained local staff. Gift to tourists and tourists.


Near future

The Golden Eagle Company has a bright future ahead of it, a future where it will be much more developed on domestic and foreign trips and collaborations. Higher and also lower costs for travelers and tourists to the province.


Send by Post

Given that Kerman province has a large variety of souvenirs and gifts to travelers, as well as people who are unable to travel to the province, Golden Eagle Company will accept your requests to resolve this issue. Share your souvenirs with us, and after paying, get your Golden Eagle product back home as quickly as possible.

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